The Aqua-X system is a professional-grade irrigation control system. It is a fully customizable modular designed system. Installation is simple and the system is easy to expand. 

The Aqua-X is designed to control up to 30 separate irrigation zones individually. There are 3 types of control modules.

  • A 24Vac control board OA6-24 for controlling up to 6 solenoid valves.
  • A 110Vac control board OA6-110 for controlling up to 6 submersible pumps.
  • A 110Vac control outlet DSP-1 for controlling an irrigation pump up to 10 amps. It could be run individually or as a master pump for 24Vac irrigation valves.

Up to 5 control modules in combination can be connected to the system.

The timers can be set-up to be recycling timers or to operate at specific time of day and durations, down to 1 second ON time.

The Aqua-X system also offers the ability to monitor the pH, EC and water temperature. A sensor board AMP-2 is designed to connect sensor probes to the system.

The PPH-1 and PCT-1 probes are deigned to be used in an open stock water tank.

The PPH-2 and PCT-2 probes are heavy duty probes and deigned to be used inline with existing PVC piping.

A WD-1 water detector is designed to monitor water leaking and verify each of the irrigation zones are working each time they are activated.

The Aqua-X also features the ability monitor actual growing medium moisture levels by using up to 8 Water Content Sensors connected to a single Aqua-x controller.

One of the most powerful features of the Aqua-X system is the internet connectivity to connect the unit to the Amazon cloud service. TrolMaster’s free smart phone APP offers monitoring, controlling and receiving push alerts anytime anywhere.