What is Cantopia?

Cantopia is an online market place for Cannabis and Hemp related products and services. Cantopia focusses on the top levels of the supply chain. Production, processing, bulk trade, white labels, machinery, etc. On this platform, you will find supply from European suppliers only. 

Can everybody post Ads on Cantopia?

No. Cantopia is developed as a trade platform for companies that operate in the top levels of the supply chain. Production, processing, bulk trade, white labels, machinery, etc. You will not find product offers that are meant for consumers or stores. 

Another condition that we have set for offering products on Cantopia, is that the suppliers have to be European and the products that they offer have to be on the ground in Europe.

Does Cantopia vet suppliers?

Yes. Cantopia vets all new suppliers. We want to make sure that all suppliers on this platform are the real deal, that the products that they are offering are real and that they are permitted (by law or license) to sell the products that they are offering. 

Can I get in direct contact with suppliers?

Yes. In fact, that is the purpose of Cantopia; to put supply and demand in direct contact with each other. You can contact suppliers via the contact possibilities that they have added to their product offers (phone or chat message). Some suppliers have not included their phone numbers, as they prefer to comminucate via Cantopia’s chat functionality, which can be activated by clicking the ‘Contact Seller’ button, that is displayed on their product offer pages. To be able to chat with suppliers this way, you will need to register for a (free) Buyers account.

Can I buy products or services on Cantopia?

No, it is not possible to buy a product or service on the platform. Cantopia puts buyers and sellers in direct contact with each other. Cantopia is not involved in resulting transactions between buyer and seller.

Do I need to subscribe to use Cantopia?

If you want to sell product, you need to register for a Sellers Account. The Cantopia team will gladly inform you about the possibilities and set up your account and product Ads. 

If you are not a buyer, you don’t need to have a subscription to use Cantopia. Cantopia is an open platform, so you can see all products offers, including prices. However, subscribing does offer some extra benefits. For instance, you can save favorite Ads, participate in auctions, review sellers and be reviewed and use the chat functionality to contact sellers (which a lot of them prefer). Also, if you want to start selling your own products or services, your account can simply be upgraded to a sellers account by the Cantopia team. 

What are the costs to advertise my products/services on Cantopia?

There are several possiblilites to advertise your products or services on Cantopia. All financially friendly, all with very high ROI potential. Our sales team is more than happy to tell you all about it.