The first easy-to-use, accurate and reliable HPLC for measuring 11 cannabinoids in a wide variety of samples. This simple-to-use micro HPLC is suitable for use also by those without prior laboratory experience or science background.

HPLC = High Performance Liquid Chromatography

With this compact sized (46x23x27cm) HPLC, you will be able to do in-house-analyses without any prior knowledge about testing equipment. You will be able to analyse a variety of product samples, such as raw plant material, extracts, edibles and beverages. This HPLC device guarantees reliable performance and accurate results for many years.

  • Intuitive HPLC software (included)
  • Peak Auto Detection (included)
  • Testing Methods (included)
  • Calibration Curves (included)
  • Calibration Log (included)
  • Sample Receiving Log (included)
  • Sample Preparation Protocols (included)
  • Customizable Reporting System (included)
  • Easy to follow instructions (included)
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