Insane but true: nowadays it can still be difficult for companies in the legal cannabis industry to acquire and keep a bank account. Therefore, Cantopia has teamed up with one of the leading specialists in online payments and foreign exchange. With their virtual banking platform, you will be able to receive and send payments in different currencies all over the world, using a single IBAN and a very easy to use online banking dashboard.

Virtual IBAN

The virtual IBAN is the cornerstone of this unique international banking platform. From you and your customer’s perspective, either receiver or sender, a virtual IBAN works in the same way as a regular bank account, so there’s no need for complex set up processes. And all our IBANs are enabled to receive 39 major currencies in segregated currency e-wallets.


Set up payments for today, tomorrow or schedule payments for the future. Make use of a global network of payment providers and send your domestic and cross-border payments quickly and securely, via file upload, API or manual entry.

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