The CBD Caramel Cookie flower, grown indoors, follows organic criteria. It is a variety highly appreciated by those looking for a relaxing effect.

Caramel Cookie is an indica-dominant hybrid, belonging to a family of cannabis plants characterized by their relaxing effects. However, this strain also has a much more complex character than a pure indica, especially a rich terpene profile that gives it its flavor and smell. You will feel an intense aroma of caramel, with light fruity notes of grape and cherry, and a creamy aftertaste of coffee and vanilla. A real olfactory pleasure.

Our CBD flowers have complex aromas, inherited from the varieties from which they come. First of all, sweet and delicious notes are appreciated, typical of caramel (hence its name). This is followed by a little spice and dessert-like nuances. And it ends with some refreshing notes in a second olfactory.

The Caramel Cookie flower is fleshy and has a high concentration of resin. They are collected ripe, from industrial hemp plants. If you still do not know this variety, we invite you to try it and enjoy its relaxing effects that will make you feel better.

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