20% CBD broad-spectrum with additional minor cannabinoids present (0% THC). Converted into a water-soluble emulsion via CO2 extraction, hydrocarbon winterisation & distillation, crystallization and particle size reduction. The perfect ingredient for any beverages, sports powders and other supplements within the health and fitness industry.

Comprehensive Novel Foods application submitted to FSA for all extracts and white-label products. Full panel batch-verified analysis and product specification available upon request.

Landed stock in the US, UK and EU with same-day dispatch and international next-day delivery available.

Pricing is negotiable dependant on your requirements and free samples are available, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about how we could add some value to your current supply chain! For any questions or requests for further information, please email kai@cbd-capital.com or call +44 7727 277 956.

CBD distillate water soluble