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    January 30, 2021
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About Us
Llivnature is a hemp farming and CBD/CBG wholesale company based in La Cerdanya, Catalonia (Spain). Our company has a strong focus around wholesale hemp biomass, bulk premium hemp flower and cannabinoids. We operate our own indoor and outdoor hemp grows. Llivnature is looking forward to making connections and contacts in the hemp farming and CBD wholesale industry. Llivnature was created to provide a centralized and dedicated business unit for our rapid expansion into the hemp and CBD market with a specific focus on manufacturing / processing and wholesaling of hemp extract based products, primarily CBD. Llivnature focuses on the wholesale of industrial hemp products. We sell to the manufacturing and wholesaling segments of the industrial hemp supply chain, producing CBD products for manufacturers and retailers of hemp-derived products, as well as offering white-label solutions. By fostering and developing a corporate culture that incorporates visionary leadership, relentless entrepreneurship, and business professionalism, our core operating principles have become the driving force behind our success. By cultivating and developing strategic relationships, including licensing, consignment and distribution agreements with laboratories and processing facilities. Llivnature currently has a series of partnerships with numerous brands and corporations. These unique relationships have positioned Llivnature to rapidly emerge as one of the fastest growing and most innovative wholesale producers in the CBD segment, while providing industry partners with high quality, lower cost industrial hemp extracts.