What is Cantopia?

Cantopia.eu is a European trade platform, where supply and demand for Cannabis and Hemp related products and services come together. Focussed on the top levels of the supply chain. Production, processing, bulk trade, white labels, etc.

European suppliers

In the next years, Europe is set to become the world's largest legal cannabis market. Cantopia only features products from vetted and approved European suppliers. Short distances, easy transport, no customs, personal pick-up possible, maximum trust.

Direct contact

Cantopia is not involved in any transactions, but establisches direct buyer-seller contact. This way, you will profit from the best possible prices and margins. Shortest communication lines. No middlemen. Maximum trust. Maximum chance of success.

How it works for buyers

On Cantopia, you will find a large and rapidly growing number of hemp & cannabis related products, sold in bulk. Click the product that interests you for more info. If you are interested in buying a specific product or if you want more info about it, you can reach out to the supplier directly by simply filling in the contact form on the product page that you are looking at.

Your contact form will go directly to the supplier and a member of their team will get in touch with you after receiving it. You are now in direct contact with the supplier and our job is done! You don’t owe us anything and we will not ask you for a commission on deals made. Sourcing products on Cantopia is free of charge for buyers.

How it works for sellers

If you have products for sale, we will help you get your products listed. We will make your pages for you. You can get started right away by clicking the button below. You will be directed to an upload page where you can send us all necessary company info and all the info we need about your products.

On the upload page, you can let us know how many products you would like to list. We charge a yearly fee for onboarding and maintenance of:
€90 for 1-6 products
€150 for 6-12 products.
(If you want to list more products, please contact us and we will inform you about the options.)

When we have all your info, we will start making your pages. We will show your pages to you for approval before publishing. When we have your approval, your pages will go live. Each product page will have a contact form that goes directly to your e-mail (leads). We will charge only €5 for each relevant lead that we forward to you. So this is in addition to your yearly fee. We will send you the invoice for the yearly fee before we get started and we will send you an invoice for forwarded leads every 1-2 months (the frequency will depend on the amount of leads that you receive).

Your products will be published on your company profile page, in the relevant product categories and on our homepage for a while. We might also include your products in one of our mailings.

If you need anything adjusted during the year, just reach out to us and we help you with that. That is what the yearly fee is for.

NOTE: Cantopia is a European market place. Therefore, we require all advertisers to have stock and/or representation available in Europe. If you don’t have that, please get in touch with us (before uploading any information), so we can inform you about the options.