The Adelphi XYZ Distributor is used in conjunction with the Adelphi Peristaltic Pump, to fill bottles, vials and other small containers automatically in trays.

  • Outstanding filling accuracy of ± 0.5%.
  • Exceptionally hygienic: your product only comes into contact with the inside of one uninterrupted length of silicone tubing platinum cured, which will withstand repeated sterilisation.
  • Some customers place the XYZ Distributor into a glove box or laminar flow box, to ensure a higher level of hygienic filling.
  • Bacteriological inline filtration can be performed at the outlet side of the pump.
  • Small footprint – 790 x 625 x 390mm – to conveniently fit on a small workbench.
  • Fills an average of 12 – 15 containers per minute (for a 100ml fill).
  • Can be operated by hand, foot switch, or be left to cycle automatically, leaving your operator free to assist production elsewhere.
  • The disposable tubing can easily be removed and replaced with fresh sterile tubing, and the machine is instantly ready to fill your next product.
  • Different vial sizes can be pre-programed and to re-called any time in the future. This significantly reduces the changeover time and also gives greater flexibility using the machine for different vial sizes.
  • Proven concept; over 400 units supplied worldwide.
  • UK Manufactured: Zero EU Import Duty.

Watch a video of the XYZ Distributor & Accuramatic Pump filling CBD oil: