These THC shot drinks are developed so that anybody can experience the benefits of THC, without having to use the much less convenient, distasting and sometimes plain harmful applications that are more common for cannabis consumption.

With a special technique, the cannabinoid is made water soluble, so that it completely dissolves in the beverage. As a result, the bio-availability of the cannabinoid is much higher then it is in its original (oily) form, which means that the body will be able to uptake the cannabinoids much easier and faster. This way, even a very small (and legal) dose of THC will allow you to experience the benefits in an easy to use, safe and comfortable way.

These THC shots have a THC dose that is far below the maximum European maximum of 0.3%:
– 10mg THC inside a 25ml drink is only 0.04%
– 20mg THC inside a 25ml drink is only 0.08%

This product is produced in Czech Republic.

Available standard flavors :

  • Lemon (white)
  • Blueberry (blue)
  • Raspberry (pink)
  • Tropical (orange)
  • Apple (green)

Custom formula

We can also make this product custom for you according to your wishes. If you want other cannabinoids, another flavor, other size or other color, let us know and we will inform you about the options.

White label or branded?

We can supply this product as a branded product and as white or private label at very low MOQ’s. We can help you with sourcing specific bottle types and printing of your labels. Everything is possible!

THC shots drinks pricing

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