To allow you the maximum of flexibility in your product combinations, we have separated the cost of encapsulation/capsules and product inside. For the cost of the bulk products that can be used as product inside, please refer to our product listings here on Cantopia.

The standard capsules are transparent, and the colour of the product is visible. The mostly used standard size is size #11/12 (mini oval for about 500 mg content).

The capsules are usually packed into a secondary packaging, made out of plastics or glass. Our most used standard is the 250 ml Miron Glass that contains 120 capsules or 150 capsules. You can have any jar in any size and for any number of capsules.

Our machinery is able to provide the exact number of capsules into the secondary packaging (sensor counting machine). Once it is known how many capsules your project needs to have in one sales unit, we will make a specific quotation and suggest standards thereafter. Normally, the miron glass is packed into a protective cardboard box.

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