Purpl PRO is a pocket-sized cannabis potency application that is very accurate, very affordable and very easy to use. Purpl PRO allows you to turn your mobile phone into a state-of-the-art Potency Measurement System. This makes Purpl PRO a must-have device for cultivators, distributors, manufacturers, extractors and dispensaries.

Simple to use

Using Purpl PRO is very simple. With as few as 3 clicks, you get your results. Purpl PRO is designed to be amazingly fast, have the accuracy of a lab and and to be very user friendly. With your smartphone, you get an immediate analysis of the potency of your sample. Purpl PRO provides a complete picture of both THC and CBD. It is made really simple to get the precise information that is most important to you. Simply click for a summary or to drill down for specifics.


Test as many samples as you want and get immediate potency results. Potency (THC and CBD) is one of the most critical measurements throughout the value chain, from the farm to the dispensary. Purpl Scientific will help improve quality and integrity by providing on-the-spot testing with lab-level accuracy.

Studies have demonstrated the accuracy of the Purpl PRO for cured flower THC and CBD concentrations across the range of potencies typical of the current cannabis marketplace.

The Purpl PRO accuracy of ± 2%, that is confirmed by these studies, compares favorably to tests performed by licensed cannabis testing laboratories, but with the significant advantages of instantaneous results, reduced cost, reduced complexity, and the capability to perform tests in the field or any commercial environment.


No financing necessary with Purpl Scientific. Purpl’s mission is to help the cannabis industry evolve, become more transparent and improve quality. So Purpl Scientific has focused on keeping prices low and accessible throughout the value chain, from the farm to the dispensary, and ultimately to the consumer.


Purpl PRO prices are available on request. Although prices might vary based on where you are located and the amount of devices you want to purchase, we can definitely promiss you that you will be positively surprised when you will receive our price offer. Purpl PRO’s proposition is unmatched by any other potency measuring device, in both price and performance!

More information

If you desire more information about Purpl PRO and its pricing, please reach out to us through the contact possibilities on this page. We are Delta 9 Analytics and we are Purpl Scientific’s European ditributing partner. We look forward to hearing from you!