The highest quality you can rely on; standard and bespoke mixing solutions in 304 and 316L (pharmaceutical grade) stainless steel.

  • 316L grade contains 2% molybdenum, for superior corrosion resistance.
  • In heavily regulated industries, it is critical that we only supply the stated materials. We can supply X-Ray Testing certificates to confirm the grade of stainless steel, and Surface Finish Analysis certificates to prove surface smoothness.
  • The average surface finish is an exceptional 0.4 micrometers Ra (sometimes classified as ‘Mirror Finishing’).
  • All Mixing Vessels have crevice and pit-free interiors and are polished throughout. This high level finishing gives security that bacteria will not be stored, and also allows the most thorough cleaning in the cleaning process.

Fully compliant with industry regulations:

  • 304 and 316L grade stainless steel are durable, easy to sterilize and re-useable. Stainless steel can be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants, and can be used in industrial dishwasher/autoclaves.
  • TSE certification guarantees that no animal fats have been used in the polishing process. This is vital to guarantee that no cross-contamination from BSE or CJD diseases occurs.

Our dedicated technical department offers their expertise to design and build bespoke solutions for mixing and blending CBD products, including jacketed vessels, low pressure vessels and complete processing systems.