Global Cannabis Consultants is a team of professionals in the Cannabis industry, with decades of experience and a big portfolio of succesfull projects that we started up and financed. Because every continent and country are different to grow in, different genetics and different nutrients are required. We build growrooms according to our high standards, with the necessary adjustments for the climate and environment that we are in. Our systems and processes have been tested in every climate and adjusted to perfection. We provide turn-key grow rooms that are ready to grow, including custom nutrients and genetics. Our growers will train the local employees as much as needed on how the plant and the system works.

Finance and Investment

Our company is able to finance projects from €50.000 to €1.000.000, without any bank or finance company. Investors are welcome to contact us to discuss the possibilities of investing in our customers and new projects. There is a great return on the investment and a low risk.


Our main grower has been growing cannabis since 1996 and has pioneered in every aspect of the current market in Cannabis. All our other growers have a minimum of 10 years experience in the cultivation process. We all work with the same system, that has been created and optimized to perfection by our team. Successful outcomes are almost a guarantee.

Genetic Development

Genetic development is our core business. Therefore, we have a ton of experience in growing and understanding the plant. We can adjust genetics to every enviroment and climate in a natural way. We don’t use GMO genetics.

Customized Nutrients

When we are on location of future projects, the first thing we do is examine the geografical location and facillities nearby. When everything is in order, we start taking soil samples. We analyse these samples in our laboratorium in the Netherlands. According to the outcome, we develop custom nutrients to get the soil in perfect condition. We monitor the soil constantly during the grow and adjust it when needed.


Our team also includes inhouse developers of extraction machines. They can make set ups according to the need of the facillity. Our customers are free to have these machines produced by their own local contacts, or we can produce them in the Netherlands. We set it up and test it, then disassemble it and ship it in containers. One of our specialists will be on location to oversee the assembly and to teach the local employees on how to operate the machines.

Law and regulations

Global Cannabis Consultants helps governments in setting the laws and regulations in countries that are getting a legal status. We have done this on 5 different countries allready. On a global level, we know the regulations in different countries to import and export cannabis products.

Sales Network

We are working with some of the biggest players in the global cannabis industry. We know what the market wants before others do. That gives us huge advantages to sell the produced goods after the grow. Because of our position in the market, we have many contacts and are able to do things that other people can not do.


2009: Started our genetic development comapny

2011: Started our nutrients company

2014: Started development of our own signature grow facilities

2017: Advised the Croatia government on regulations

2017: Helped set up a grow and extraction facility in Croatia

2018: Helped the government of Suriname on laws and regulations

2018: Started up intelligent farming cannabis grow Suriname

2018: Helped the goverment of Romania for local regulations.

2018: Started up a test grow and extraction facillity in Romania

2018: Gave advise to Zimbabwe government

2018: Helped to set up Billstreet farming Zimbabwe

2019: Helped the government of Paraguay to legalise

2019: Started up evona project Paraguay

2019: Helped the governmet of Curacao and Aruba on regulations and laws

2019: Starting up a medical cannabis grow and research facillity in Aruba