Global Cannabis Consultants is a team of professionals in the Cannabis industry, with decades of experience and a big portfolio of succesfull projects that we started up and financed. Because every continent and country are different to grow in, different genetics and different nutrients are required. Our systems and processes have been tested in every climate and adjusted to perfection. We provide turn-key grow rooms that are ready to grow, including custom nutrients and genetics. 

Customized Nutrients

When we are on location of future projects, the first thing we do is examine the geografical location and facillities nearby. When everything is in order, we start taking soil samples. We analyse these samples in our laboratorium in the Netherlands. According to the outcome, we develop custom nutrients to get the soil in perfect condition. We monitor the soil constantly during the grow and adjust it when needed.

Other services

Global Cannabis Consultants offers a range of services. You can read more about our company and services by clicking this link.