FLO  is an organic-mineral fertilizer with living microorganisms for all stages of culture. It provides your plant with everything it needs throughout its life cycle. No further addition of fertilizer or additives such as enzymes, humic and fulvic acids or root stimulators is required.

Flo was created and designed for photoperiod canna plants by a professional gardener, who got tired mixing up costly nutes every day spending a lot of time with it. He took more then 5 years to create Flo.

First the facts, what´s in it:

  • organic NPK fertilizer 2-3-2
  • minor components: Calcium (CaCO3) 1%, Magnesium (MgO and MgCO3) 0,6%, organic substance 60%.
  • under usage of animal byproducts as category 3 VO ( EG ) 1069/2009 ( raw material blood-, fish-, meatbonemeal , 7 % bat guano), plant biomass from food- and feedindustrie ( Ascophyllum nodosum, Alfalfa, vinasse pellets ) earthworm compost, leonardit, palm ash, oyster shell, dolomitic lime, epsom salt, bentonite
  • living organism: 9 strains Endomykorrhiza, 7 strains Ektomykorrhiza, 2 strains Trichoderma, effective microorganisms and 14 bacteria strains

Flo is an organic all-in-one fertilizer for sophisticated growers with living microorganisms. It provides the plant ideal through her entire life cycle with micro- and macronutrients, rootgrowth- and flowerstimulators, enzymes, humic- and fulvic acid, alpha amino acids, silicates and calmag.

Flo owes its success, because of its high valuable base materials, the living microroganisms and effects of phytohormones. Based on the better improved supply plants act like sportsman on steroids—> better performance!Flo ´s ingredients are untouched and correspond to EU for ecological farming EG (VO) Nr. 834/2007.Flo is ph self adjusting.

The application is easy as hell: Just mix Flo with soil or coco in the indicated mixes and water it with maximum 10% of water of the complete medium and let it rest for 1 week in a closed bag at a warm and dark place. For example 25 liter soil + 5 liter Flo = 30liter,10 % of 30 liter are 3 liter, so it can be watered with a maximum of 3 liter of water.It is highly recommended to use Reverse Osmosis water.

Why? Well, tap water contains chlorine, lime, residues from copper, zinc, chrome and all the rest of medicals that defecators can´t filter out and we don´t want to have it in the water, because all these ingredients disturb the in his self balanced supersoil Flo. Flo not only contains the important phyto hormones cytokinis and triocontanol, but also stir the plants to the production of auxins.

Because of the high concentration of phyto hormones of the peaks by cutting clones the usage of artificials phyto hormones like indol-3-butter acid ( as Clonex) can be relinquished.Flo also provides the plants to produce more terpenes, so harvest will be more aromatic!

Back to the water,as we´re growing organic from now on we won´t use chemicals ph down and up as know as potassium hydroxide or phosphoric acid. For a organic ph down we can use citric acid and for ph up potash..