Ferro’s Analysis Nutrients is a product developed for professional growers. The nutrients contained are tailored to the specific plants involved and to the grower’s wishes. Ferro works with you to design the perfect nutrient solution, perfectly tailored to your particular plants.

Analysis Nutrients is a feed developed by analysing your irrigation water. The grower supplies Ferro with 250 ml of the water that will be used for preparing the feed, giving it a name (‘Greenhouse 1’, or ‘Garden, south-west’, for example). Ferro allocates a code to this water sample and sends it to a laboratory. The laboratory analyses the water and Ferro uses the resulting data to design the feed. Some other details are requested, such as the type of plant, the grower’s EC value preference, and the type of substrate to be used (soil or hydro, recirculating or non-recirculating). The EC value is, of course, very important. Our nutrient solutions are developed for a specific EC value. If the feed is made up to this EC value (as ordered), the pH value will immediately be at the right level, between 5.4 and 6.0.

The water used in nurseries is often osmosis water and/or rainwater, mixed with mains water and/or spring water. By using Analysis Nutrients, nurseries can prevent any surplus or shortage of nutrients for the plant. Preventing shortages and/or surpluses of certain nutrients in the substrate has many benefits: plants are able to absorb more nutrients more easily, and will grow and flower faster and in better health, with a higher dry matter percentage.

Customers can also specify which nutrients they would like to have included in the feed to a greater or lesser extent. Ferro works out what the perfect nutrient solution for you will be and then creates it. A fully automated system is used for this process, which is fast and accurate and takes the specific adjustments specified by you into account. As your customised nutrient programmes are stored in our computer, you can be confident that the feed you receive is comprehensive, with an unprecedented accuracy level of 0.25% per added substance.