Our BROAD SPECTRUM CBD OIL products contain multiple cannabis plant extracts, including naturally occurring terpenes, essential vitamins, fatty acids, proteins as well as cannabinoids such as Cannabidiol. This oil may help manage conditions like anxiety, depression, muscle pain and migraines and contain no THC, being suitable for both daytime and night-time use.

  • Carrier oil: Hemp seed Oil or MCT
  • Bottle size: 10 ml, 30 ml
  • CBD percentage: 5%-30%
  • Bottle color: Brown
  • Pipette color: Black
  • Flavors Available: Natural, Mint, Orange
  • Distilled: Yes
  • Color: Light golden color
  • Viscosity: Thin
  • MOQ BULK: 1 Liter
  • MOQ white label: 200 pieces
  • MOQ private label: 500 pieces

A certificate (CoA) is supplied with every order of minimum 500 bottles.

CBD oil full spectrum - wholesale pricing